About our Classic Petits Gâteaux

Beret Basque

  • this traditional dessert is shaped like the famous beret cap which is originally from the French Basque Country. 

Honey Flower 

  • the honey flower is an attractive multi-stemmed shrub indigenous to South Africa that produces an abundance of nectar that attracts sunbirds, bees and butterflies.


  • originally, the Fraisier is a cake that was invented as a tribute to strawberries in the 20th century when new types of strawberries became available in France; a change from the wild strawberries they were used to.

Plaisir Sucre

  • meaning 'sweet pleasure'; plaisir sucre is a nutty creation by the famed French pastry Chef Pierre Hermé

Raspberry Macaronade

  • it has been said that macarons are originally from Italy and were brought to France in the 1500s by Catherine de’ Medici after which the confection became popular.​

Exotic Fruit Baba

  • according to food historians, the Baba dessert was invented in the 1600s in France when French Pastry Chef Nicolas Stohrer was asked by the King of Poland to soak the rather dry cake in alcohol; he loved it so much that he named the cake after he's favourite book, Ali Baba.

Pistachio & Raspberry P'tit Entremet

  • entremets date back to the early Europe during the Medieval era, being a small dish served in between meals. Today these entremet desserts/cakes have become very popular in the Pastry industry worldwide.

Chocolate, Caramel & Peanut Tartelettes

  • tartelettes are smaller versions of tarts, which have been thought to have either come from a tradition of layering food or to be a product of Medieval pie making.